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Augusta, Georgia

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To Love the Lord and to share
His Love with our community and world.


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Children Missions


Wednesdays @ 7:00-7:35 pm

Server Girls – For Girls Only – 1st-5th grades

Server Boys - For Boys Only – 1st -5th grades

Servers learn about missions around the world and come to realize they have a part in God’s plan for the world. They learn about and experience other cultures and study how God is at work in many different ways through many different people. They become aware of ways that God can use their own lives to impact others, even as kids. They participate in missions through raising money, collecting donations, serving in the local community and praying for the work of others in missions.

Missions Highlights include the Missions Bike-A-Thon, Mission Action Nights, Caroling for Shut-Ins, Guest Missionaries, Racer Derby, and Girls Lock-In.

Becca Jones, Minister to Preschool & Children (706) 733-2236

Missions Bike-A-Thon 2008

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