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Prayer Pager Ministry

prayer pager

The dedication of the new Prayer Room calls our church family to a renewed focus on prayer. To enhance this prayer emphasis, a Pager Prayer Ministry has been established.

A pager can be delivered by a Prayer Council member to anyone in our extended church family with serious health/personal concerns. Each time the pager vibrates, the holder knows that someone is praying for him or her. Thirteen pagers are available and will be issued for two week intervals. Pager numbers will be published in the Interpreter, the church worship bulletin, Intercessory and Wednesday night prayer lists, and on the web site. To obtain a pager, call Susan Jones (733-2236) at the church office; when available, pagers and instructions will be delivered.

How it Works:

1) You pray for the person
2) Call the person’s pager
3) Listen to the message
4) Dial 733 and #. You may hear a busy signal after 733#, but your call will have been completed.

Note: You do not leave a message on this system. The pager will notify the holder that someone has lifted him or her up in prayer. In a time of need, you have sent the blessed assurance of your prayers and God’s love.

If you would like to participate in this ministry or in our Intercessory Prayer Ministry, please call the church office, 706-733-2236.

Current Pager Numbers and Names

* The Brody Johnson Family: (706-240-0060)

* Mary Jane Chancelor (706-240-0062)

* Dusty Hayden (706-240-0055)

* Jake and Delores Malone (706-240-0064)

*Samuel Jones (706-240-0063)

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