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Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes

Bible Study at First Baptist Church is not just for preschoolers, children and youth. We have over 1,000 young, median and senior adults enrolled in our Sunday morning Bible study program. Click here for a list of Sunday School Classes. We are loosely grouped according to age, but no one is forced into any department or class. Classes range in attendance of ten to forty. Many of our classes have two or more teachers sharing the teaching responsibilities. Each class chooses from different curriculum guides, special studies, and books for their study material. (Click on Map for a larger view.)


Preschool (birth through 4 years)

Preschool BldgPreschool Building

Infants (Birthday 3/13 – Present) meets in Rm 113.

Older Babies (Birthday 6/12 – 2/13) meets in Rm 111.

Toddlers (Birthday 9/11 – 5/12) meets in Rm 107.

2′s (Birthday 9/10 – 8/11) meets in Rm 115.

3′s (Birthday 9/09 – 8/10) meets in Rm 106.

4′s (Birthday 9/08 – 8/09) meets in Rm 118.

Click here to email Becca Jones for details.

Children (kindergarten through 5th grade)

Children's BldgChildren’s Building

5′s (Birthday 9/07 – 8/08) meets in Rm 112.

1st through 5th Graders rotate each week in the Upper Room. Check the display boards in the Children’s Building for detailed room assignments.

Click here to email Becca Jones for details.

Students (middle school through college)

Walton BldgWalton Building 2nd Floor

Middle School meets in the Harbor. Email Kyle Boyer for details.

9th/10th Grade meet in the Loft. Email Kyle Boyer for details.

11th/12th Grade meet in the Spot. Email Kyle Boyer for details.

College meets in the Coffee Shop. E-mail Kyle Boyer for more information.

Young Adult

Adult BldgAdult Building

Young Professionals meets in Rm A-203. Primarily for singles and couples in their 20′s and early 30′s.

Young Adults meets in Rm A-205. Primarily for married adults in their 20′s, 30′s and early 40′s.

Median Adult

Adult BldgAdult Building

Median Adult B meets in Rm A-105. Primarily married adults & singles in their 50′s, many with children in high school and college. Call directors Billy& Jan Key for details: 706-364-5100

Walton BldgWalton Building

MedianAdult A meets in Rm W-102. Primarily for married adults in their 40′s and early 50′s, many with children in middle and high school. Call director Steve McPherson for details: 706-736-9045

Median Adult C meets in Rm W-105. Primarily married adults in their late 50′s and 60′s who no longer have childen living at home. Call director George Berry for details: 706-733-7250

Senior Adult

Adult BldgAdult Building

Senior Adult A meets in Rm A-102. Primarily for married adults in their late 50′s & early 60′s and those that have reached retirement age. Contact Director Terrie Bennett for more details: 706-481-8619

George Balentine Class meets in Rm A-100. Call Harold Smith for more details: 706-738-7444

Grace Class is not age graded but is women primarily 55 and over meeting in Rm A-101. Call Delores Malone for more details: 706-860-6818, Laurel Landon 706-481-9921, Margaret Murchison 706-733-0200, or Betty Sharrock 803-278-6759

Admin BldgAdmin Building

Senior Adult B meets in Rm S-202. A co-ed class for retired adults, married and single. Call director Bob Scaggs for more details: 803-279-7849

Senior Adult C is for retired adults and is divided into a men’s and women’s class: Crusaders (Men’s Class) meets in Rm S-203. Call director Sid Foster for details: 706-860-2818; Anna Bannister (Women’s Class) meets in Rm S-201. Call director Anna Bannister for details: 706-733-5328

InChoirers is for choir members not involved in another Sunday Bible Study class. Call Kirsten Pylant for more details: 706-855-6780

Jesus Special Followers

Walton Bldg

Bible study class for adults for adults who are physically or mentally challenged. Meets in Walton 101B.

Contact Kathy Martin or Beth Pollock for more details.

Deaf Sunday School

Walton Bldg

Bible study class for hearing impaired adults. Meets in Walton 101A.

Contact Andy Jones or Terrie Bennett for more details.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday morning!

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